Key Qualities of Best School in Sonepat

Each school has its style of functioning. But there is a broad consensus about the qualities that define a ‘Best’ school. These are as following qualities which makes GD Goenka as a Best School in Sonepat :

Make Learning Fun: Teaching is not the hard part. However, most education experts agree that making a student interested in the subjects being taught is the real challenge. The job of a teacher is not just to teach but also generate the willingness to learn more about the subject being taught. A good school has competent teachers that make academics a ‘cool’ thing. Good schools do not just focus on theory but work on a demonstrative methodology that shows students how things work in the real world. 

Overall Growth of the Student: A good school provides an environment that allows a student to experiment and helps them find their true calling. A student may harbour dreams to be a filmmaker while a classmate may want to pursue a career as an architect. Or maybe a student wishes to explore the world rather than be confined to a desk. A good school would give the student space and time they need to come into their own. The best schools usually have programs to help students find where their aptitude lies. Many have full-time counsellors on staff to help students with queries.

Social Responsibility: Gone are the days when students could be taught in isolation. Today, students need to be aware of more than just their academics, so they become responsible citizens of tomorrow. The Best School in Sonepatl invests its time in community service. Education is only relevant if it sensitises students towards their surroundings and makes them realise that they have a responsibility towards their society. Education is a tool not just for personal growth but societal advancement.

Getting the Parents Involved: Parents and teachers are the only two sets of people who have the most profound impact on the mind of a student. In a lot of cases, what parents say to their child leaves a strong impression. It shapes their perspective about the world and their surroundings. Therefore, it is important that the parents are kept up-to-date about their child’s progress. 
Taking Care of Teachers: A school is only as good as its teachers. The Best School in Sonepat invest in their faculty that goes beyond mere compensation. For instance, impractical performance targets for teachers, especially those tied to academic results is counterproductive. It encourages learning by rote and stifles creative thought-two of the biggest problems with the Indian education system.

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