Facilities of Boarding Schools in Delhi

The Boarding Schools in Delhi is the crucial platform when it comes to the growing time of the children. So these school colleges or schools play an important role to fulfill the dream of the parents because the school is very different from the other day school.

What about the Facilities?

Yes, the facilities are concerned to make the best living place for a child and he cannot get such a facility at home. There is a brief of facilities of a Boarding Schools in Delhi. The facilities are provided by them are following:-

Academics: – The Academic syllabus and teachers are excellent. The school is affiliated with the central board of secondary education of India. Education is not with the textbooks but there are labs, libraries, and workshops for their practical knowledge. The thousands of books of the class study, novels, and comics are arranged in the library.

Cultural activities– Apart from teaching, the teacher teaches them other knowledge as well. The classes are arranged for vocal,musical, instrument, dance, swimming, drama and other cultural activities.The cultural event is celebrated from time to time to develop the Indian culture interest.

A healthy and Eco friendly environment– The environment of the campus is healthy and pollution free. The students are provided with healthy and hygienic food for good health. There is a huge and green area surrounding the campus. The air ventilation is provided. The doctor is provided all time for the student. Their time is allotted for outing and other Eco friendly activities.

The Schools in Hostel: – There are separate hostels for girls and boys. They are safe and secure. The security is available all the time for the sake of students. Each and every student is important for the school.

The sport activity: – The health of the students is the main concern of the school. The Boarding Schools in Delhi organizes many sports events from time to time. The sport teacher is available for training of all games and sports to the student. The healthy and balanced diet with fruits, eggs as well as other veggies are installed in the food selection list. Aside from sport, the yoga courses are arranged for health and fitness.

Location of the school: – The Boarding Schools in Delhi are excellent when they are situated in locations like Sonepat. This is spacious for the study with its green and healthy environment. Location has its own importance for the concentration of the study.

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